BMW Would Be Mad To Make This M5 Convertible

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We can dream, but a topless M5 is never going to happen.

Being the most technically advanced BMW M5 ever, it hasn't taken long for render artists to create their own outlandish interpretations of the new Bavarian super sedan. We've already seen how the M5 could be easily adapted into a performance wagon courtesy of X-Tomi Design. Now, thanks to the design skills of Russian render artist Aksyonov Nikita, we can now see how the M5 would look if it dropped its top and was made into a four-seater convertible.

And it looks just as mad as you would expect, like something the Top Gear or The Grand Tour trio would concoct. Of course, a BMW M5 cabrio wouldn't be very practical in reality. It would need to have a huge retractable roof, and the structural rigidity would be abysmal, to say the least. Plus, a four-door convertible was never going to look very eye-pleasing. Still, it's fun to imagine nonetheless. At least we'll be getting an M8 convertible in the future, which will share the same powertrain as the F90 M5. Nikita's second render is far more likely to become a reality. Fitted with a fixed rear wing and an M Division livery, the render depicts how an M5 race car could look.

Unlike the convertible, the idea isn't too far-fetched considering BMW is already testing a competition-spec M8 to prepare it for the race track. The third and final render shows how the M5 could look if it joined Germany's police force. Considering it's the fastest road car BMW has ever built with 600-horsepower on tap generating a 0-62 mph sprint time of 3.4 seconds, it would certainly be adept at catching criminals.

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