BMW X2 Convertible Considered Because There's More Money To Make

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The Range Rover Evoque convertible also needs a rival.

According to Motor Trend and Spain's, BMW is seriously considering a convertible variant of its brand new X2 crossover. The reason for its possible existence is the Range Rover Evoque convertible. Already targeted towards a younger crowd, a convertible X2 would only, in theory, widen the appeal. Now, slicing the roof off SUVs, generally speaking, has not worked out well. Just look at the Nissan Murano Cross Cabriolet. Then again, that was a chop job done horribly so BMW knows what not to do styling wise.

The Evoque convertible is a far better case study, but BMW has yet to make a final decision. Interestingly, BMW was also considering an X2 coupe, but it probably won't happen because the two-door Mini Paceman was not exactly a success story. But an X2 convertible done right could be highly profitable, especially in markets where there's year-round sunshine. However, BMW's designers will really need to put in an extra effort on this one. Raised convertibles can easily wind up looking horribly awkward, but Land Rover managed to avoid that trap mainly because the Evoque already looked pretty darn good as a coupe. It's a bit more difficult to envision a topless X2.

For now, BMW is still doing the necessary market research to see if a business case can be made, so nothing is final just yet. The front-wheel drive X2 will also soon arrive and once that launch is complete and initial sales figures come in, the X2 convertible's future will be decided. Is it something we're particularly looking forward to? Not really, but you need to think about it like this: the more money BMW makes from its more mainstream models, even those with a more niche appeal, the more money it has to invest in new technologies and more exciting product, such as a rumored EV supercar.

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