BMW X4 Officially Revealed; We Keep Our Mouths Shut

The (insert adjective) slantback-crossover enters production this spring.

Upon request from some of our commentators, we’re doing ourbest to keep our opinions to ourselves and report the facts and nothing but. Here’s a great opportunity to test our restraint: BMW has just revealedits new X4 crossover, based on the X3 and shaped like a smaller X6. It entersproduction this spring, and will be sold as a 2015 model. The US receives twospecs: the first is the xDrive28i, with a 2.0-liter inline-four making 240horsepower and priced at $46,625.

The second is the xDrive35i, making 300hp from its 3.0-litersix, and costing $48,925. Both models get eight-speed automatic transmissionsand all-wheel drive, and will make their first real-life appearance at the New York AutoShow in April. Now that the facts are reported, maybe some of our nicercommentators will do us a favor and tear this car apart for us.

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