BMW X4 Spied Near X3, Would You Buy it?

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Comparing them side by side, would you really pay more for the odd-shaped X4 than the X3?

The latest spy shots of the all-new BMW X4 in production guise afford us the chance of not only checking out the upcoming crossover's interior but also sizing it up against the BMW X3. Essentially a smaller X6 riding on the X3's platform, there's not much to like about the X4's styling. It's not quite tall enough to be called an off-roader and its sloped roof line hampers its practicality, yet there remains demand for coupe crossovers proving that, if nothing else, there's no accounting for taste.

Audi prepping a Q6 and Mercedes working on a MLC prove carmakers are convinced this niche market has room for expansion, but by the time these models arrive BMW will have a second-gen X6 on the market as well as the X4. Comparing the X4 and X3 side by side, the four-door coupe crossover is all about style and will likely be differentiated from its utilitarian cousin with a higher price tag and a 3.0-liter turbo inline-six as standard.

Check out the price of BMW X4.

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