BMW X5 By Sbarro Is Uglier Than The XM For A Third Of The Money

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Apparently, current BMW design can trace its roots back to a Swiss tuner.

Frank Sbarro founded his company in Switzerland back in 1971. The firm is known for some wild creations. Some are truly unique and special, and others are, well, not so great.

We'll leave it up to you to decide what category this BMW X5 falls under. If you love the tacky and weird, a Swiss dealer will sell you this monster. It's not cheap, at $50,162, but you know you'll never walk out to another of the same car parked next to you.

You can't say about the standard BMW X5. And in an age of wild BMW design, at least you can say that this was, on some level, a precursor to today's buck-toothed kidney grilles.

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This generation of X5 (the E53) is still a hit with enthusiasts, and Sbarro tried to add a little to that with a redesigned face.

Sbarro has a thing for headlights in this style, and the single-bulb-with-cutout look continues on the XX5. The foglights get the same treatment, but the grille is the big story. Or rather, the lack thereof.

It's not clear why Sbarro thought closing the car's air intake off was a good idea, but we can only assume it's because the lower portion of the face feeds air in from further down on the SUV. The shape of the piece in front of the grille caught our eye, mainly because BMW seems to have copied this shape and applied it to the current M3, M4, and 4 Series.

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The rest of the car is adorned with Sbarro badging, and the rear features some slight changes with a new bumper and quad exhaust tips.

Inside, there's nothing you wouldn't find on a loaded X5 from the same era, with leather, a BMW Sport wheel, heated seats, and wood trim. There's even a circa 2002 nav unit.

Power is still handled by the stock 4.4-liter V8 making 282 horsepower through an automatic transmission. All four wheels are driven, but we doubt off-roading this with the air intake that low is a great idea. Still, the truck is almost ready for import, supposing you've got the cash to stash it in a Swiss garage for another five years.

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