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BMW X5 Gets Menacing Makeover

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AC Schnitzer has also significantly improved the X5’s driving dynamics.

If the fourth-generation BMW X5 looks too tame for you and you can’t wait for the new X5 Mto arrive, German tuner AC Schnitzer has given the SUV an aggressive makeover as part of its new tuning program. AC Schnitzer has improved the X5’s driving dynamics without air suspension with its new suspension spring set. Compared to the standard model, this brings the X5 0.7–0.9 inches lower to the ground, resulting in a lower center of gravity and better corning abilities.

Wheel spacers further improve the driving dynamics, enabling the standard wheels to still be used while positioning them 0.4 inches further out on each side. By widening the track width, AC Schnitzer says the lateral support of the chassis is improved, which increases driving stability while lending the SUV a sportier look.

Thanks to AC Schnitzer’s new 22-inch wheels, the X5 is even more stable, with available designs including AC1 Racing Forged Rims, AC1 Light Alloy Wheels, or Type V Lightweight Forged Rims wrapped in 275/35 R 22 tires at the front and 315/30 R 22 tires at the rear. All rims are also available in different colors or special paintwork to add some personalization and are housed in beefy wheel arches that widen the X5 by around 0.5 inches at the front and one inch at the rear axle on each side.

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AC Schnitzer has also added an assortment of aerodynamic components, including a front spoiler for X5 models equipped with an M aerodynamic package and a roof-mounted rear wing providing additional downforce. Hood vents providing better ventilation for the engine, side skirts, and AC Schnitzer complete the look.

AC Schnitzer hasn’t neglected the interior either, which has been fitted with aluminium pedals, a footrest, keyholder and a "Black Line" aluminium cover for the iDrive Controller. While there are no mechanical upgrades, the tuner says it’s currently working on improving the performance of the X5 M50i and the X5 xDrive 30d, so watch this space.