BMW X5 Goes Apple Picking in California Burglary

Burglar drives BMW into an Apple Store in an atypical smash-and-grab job caught on video.

BMW branded the X5 crossover a "Sport Activity Vehicle" to highlight the model's versatility. After watching this security footage from an Apple Store in California, however, we're sure this is not what the Bavarian automaker had in mind. This incident was apparently one in a string of robberies committed by Equonne Howard. The 22-year old Los Angeles native was arrested hours after the smash-and-grab as he apparently returned to the scene of the crime in an attempt to locate his license plate which came off during the initial ramming of the store.

The 2003 BMW X5 holds up well during the act and subsequent accelerations into the heart of the store, sending gadgets galore flying. Howard was charged with two pages worth of offences and is currently being held on $600,000 bail.

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