BMW X5 M Upgraded To 730 HP Is Surprisingly Subtle

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Is the 617-hp Competition-spec X5 M too slow for you? Manhart has the answer...

The BMW X5 M is the consummate all-rounder when it comes to performance SUVs. Fast, well-built, and luxurious, the 4.4-liter V8 provides truly incredible performance. In Competition guise, 617 horsepower propels the hefty BMW to 60 mph in just 3.7 seconds. But if that's still too tame for you, several tuners are on hand to give your X5 more oomph. Manhart has now joined the fray, with its 730-hp MHX5 700.

Courtesy of a Manhart MHtronik Powerbox or ECU remapping, the German tuner has turned the range-topping X5 into a truly rapid machine. Other performance enhancements include a stainless steel exhaust system with valve control finished off with four 100-mm tailpipes, offered in your choice of carbon or ceramic coating. While the strict German TUV doesn't approve, export models can be offered with an OPF/GPF deleter, as well as stainless steel OPF-delete pipes and the removal of catalytic converters. H&R lowering springs and suspension tuning have also been implemented to give the X5 M the handling to match the power.

Manhart Performance Manhart Performance Manhart Performance Manhart Performance

Aside from performance upgrades, the tuner has also given the X5 M a visual makeover. Carbon fiber has been generously applied all over the vehicle, with the hood, front spoiler, rear diffuser, and side skirts all treated to liberal use of the lightweight material. A neat touch is the two-piece rear spoiler and carbon mirror caps. Overall, it's more demure than one would expect for an aftermarket tuner, although we could do without the gold windscreen decals.

Speaking of gold, it's a common theme on the exterior. The lower vent surround is highlighted by gold-colored trim, repeated on the front spoiler and rims. The Manhart Concave One wheels measure 22 inches in diameter and are finished in a tasteful silk matte black, although other colors are available on request.

Manhart Performance Manhart Performance Manhart Performance Manhart Performance

Step inside the sumptuous interior and you'll notice it's been left mostly untouched. That's no bad thing; the cabin of the X5 M is a great place to sit. Manhart does offer subtle improvements, though, with optional carbon paddle shifters, steering wheel spokes, and floor mats available. The X5 retains its BMW badging on the exterior, but the tuner has eschewed the blue and white roundel for its own logo on the steering wheel. Manhart's emblem has also been embossed into the headrests.

Manhart makes no mention of the MHX5 700's pricing, but with a starting price of $105,900 for the regular X5 M, you can bet on adding a considerable chunk to obtain these upgrades. The German tuner has previously given the X5's sibling, the BMW X6, the same treatment. Dubbed the MHX6 700, the sleeker SUV has a more aggressive look than the X5. An M240i tuned by Manhart, the MH2 450 is one of its more successful projects, giving the sporty two-door coupe 450 hp and a rather attractive body kit, replete with a gold racing stripe that flows over the vehicle.

Manhart Performance Manhart Performance Manhart Performance Manhart Performance

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