BMW X5 M60i Spy Photos Reveal 530-HP Uber-SUV

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This updated V8-powered X5 is almost ready to go.

We've spotted the BMW X5 again in M60i trim, which means "go-fast" for those that don't speak BMW marketing. It's not a fully-fledged M car, but rather one of the in-betweener M Performance models.

This time, our spies captured the hot SUV testing on the Nurburgring (where else?). BMW has been up and down the famous track recently, testing versions of this, the new M3 CS and the electrified i5 M50.

This new X5 is nearly ready for its debut, having shed the vast majority of its camouflage in typical BMW LCI fashion. Again, for those missing context on the terminology, BMW calls a facelift a "Life Cycle Impulse,"

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This time, the X5 M60i has dropped the heavy camo that covered much of the front fascia's design. We can see that the kidney grilles aren't receiving any significant changes and that M60i models will have radar cruise control, as evidenced by the sensor below the car's plates.

Under the nearly camo-free hood, the X5 M60i will sport a 48V mild-hybrid twin-turbo V8, not wholly unlike the one in its larger X7 brother. We're expecting 530 horsepower, and noise from the V8 will come from newly designed quad tailpipes. For reference, the current M-ish X5 makes 523 hp and 553 lb-ft of torque.

A quick note on trim names. BMW currently calls this version of the X5 the M50i, but we believe the M60i trim will account for the new hybrid system and the bump in power.

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While those kidney grilles haven't grown much, the design has shifted slightly, and it appears the M60i will have black kidneys. As with the X7, this SUV now has slimmer lights, though it's far from the ultra-slim split-light look of the larger SUV.

Out back, we see a similar story with the taillights. In addition to those quad pipes we mentioned, the bumper will get a slight redesign, which should bring the aesthetic more in line with more recent BMW SUVs. Finally, we know the X5 will have iDrive8 inside, as all newer BMW models will have.

Unfortunately, there is no news on a reveal date yet, but we'll be sure to share that information once we have it.

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