BMW X6 Active Hybrid

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As BMW continues to develop new powertrain technology, hybrid version of the their models will continue to appear as options for customer. In the case of the X6 Active Hybrid, BMW is again displaying their ability to turn their vehicles to hybrid ability. Featuring BMW's own two-mode hybrid system, it claims to be the world's most powerful hybrid on the market today. It comes with 407 horsepower V8 and a base price close to $90,000.

Fuel economy has been improved over the base X6, but it's still nothing amazing with an EPA city/highway rating of 17/19 mpg. At the end of the day, one must wonder whether this model is necessary. While it has a full-range of BMW features like iDrive, nappa leather trim, rear-view camera, keyless access, and standard 20 inch wheels, its base price quickly moves it into X6M territory.

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