BMW X6 Going Bigger, Bolder

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Is the current BMW X6 not bold enough a statement for your tastes? Don't worry, its replacement has got you covered.

Say what you will about the X6 – BMW definitely made a style statement with its release. Sacrificing some of the function of the X5 on which it's based in favor of a more rakish form, the X6 only makes sense to those for whom sensibility is a low priority. But the next-generation X6 is bound to go even bolder, according to the latest intel. Britain's Autocar magazine reports that BMW plans on even further differentiating the next X5 and X6 from each other with even bolder styling and an even bigger form.

The idea is to make the X6 stand out not only from the X5, but also from the smaller X4 that was just unveiled in concept form. BMW also apparently plans on stretching the wheelbase on the next X6 to give rear-seat passengers more leg room so they don't feel so claustrophobic underneath that slanted roofline. In a testament to the market at which BMW intends to target the new fastback crossover, sources expect the next X6 to debut at the Moscow Auto Show next year.

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