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The 2020 BMW X6 M Is Going To Look Properly Aggressive

Rendering / Comments

But how fast will it be?

After numerous spy shots, the 2019 BMW X6 has arrived and with the top-of-the-line xDrive M50i model producing 523 horsepower and 553 lb-ft of torque, most buyers will be satisfied with the new SUV's performance figures. 0-60 mph takes just 4.1 seconds in the M50i version and there is even a 335 hp inline-six model which can send power to rear-wheel-drive or optional AWD.

But just because a faster X6 isn't necessary for most buyers doesn't mean BMW won't do it. BMW is already preparing a faster X6 M that has been spotted testing under camouflage. The X6 M will likely arrive later this year or early in 2020 but we couldn't wait and decided to take a crack and rendering our own X6 M.

To turn the X6 into an M model, we ditched the elegant brown paint shown on the base car and opted for a bolder shade of red. Along with the flashy color we blacked out the grille, added a lower lip spoiler, larger wheels, and plenty of M badges for good measure. The X6 M will join the more practical X5 M as the flagship performance SUVs in BMW's lineup unless an X7 M or Alpina BX7 comes along.

Both SUVs will use the same 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 found in the M50i versions but in a hotter state of tune. There will likely be a standard X6 M producing 600 hp and a Competition model producing 625 hp, the same as the recently-revealed M8. The 0-60 times will likely be in the high three-second range.

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Inside, expect the dashboard to remain mostly unchanged but with more carbon fiber, M buttons on the steering wheel, and a different shift knob. Pricing for the X6 M50i starts at $85,650 and the outgoing X6 M had a base price of $105,700. Expect the new X6 M to start at over $100,000 with the Competition model adding around $10,000 to the price. This third-generation X6 is the prettiest one yet and the upcoming M model should be highly impressive.