BMW X6 M Meindl Edition's Wild Interior Is Covered In Deer Leather

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This is not the sort of option your dealer would typically be able to provide.

Despite all the clinical engineering that goes into its cars, there's no denying the fact that BMW has a very creative side. Just look at its long lineage of art cars and its recent involvement with lifestyle brands like Kith and its special i4. Yes, this is a manufacturer that isn't afraid to do something different. Rather than looking forward in the world of fashion, this latest creation takes a look at the past and tips its hat to an all-time fashion favorite: German lederhosen. BMW has teamed up with Meindl Fashion to build one seriously unique X6 M, which features more deer leather in the interior than we can recall seeing on any car.


The BMW X6 M is a modernist masterpiece of technology. Not only is it a large and luxurious family SUV, but it also goes like a bat out of hell. The X6 M is busy getting ready for a major refresh and recently enjoyed the honorary title of being BMW's six-millionth car ever built in America, but now it seems to be heading straight for Joe Rogan's garage with the X6 M Competition Meindl Edition. This special show car features custom fabricated chamois tanned deer leather upholstery in old black which has been naturally processed in Europe using only sustainable products and methods.


This show-stopping piece of machinery features a BMW Individual special paint finish named Urban Green and some special exterior badging, but it's on the inside where this special vehicle shines. A ton of Meindl deer leather pieces adorn the cabin of this X6 M, including seat and backrest surfaces, the door handles and armrests, center console, and sun visors. Decorative interior strips and black floor mats with the Meindl logo add a special touch, and even the trunk gets a black insert awash with logos.


The choice to slather the insides of a big luxury SUV with the outsides of a deer might not be the woke move BMW could have made, but with the Paris climate agreement but a blip in the rearview mirror, this creation seems like a proud nod to BMW's Bavarian heritage and should appeal to its more traditionalist fans. Besides, mating up the skin of a deer with a 617-horsepower 4.4-liter twin-turbo SUV just sounds like something ancient Germanic barbarians would wholly approve of. For now, this remains a show car, but expect a limited series to hit the market as soon as hunting season closes.


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