BMW X6 Takes on a Snowcat

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Not typically known for its versatility, BMW wants us to know that its X6 "sport activity vehicle" has got the grit to get the job done.

It's not capable of serious off-roading, nor is it big enough to haul five people comfortably with all of their stuff. To top it off, it's expensive and has a design that's rather polarizing, to say the least. We're describing the BMW X6, a vehicle whose purpose in this world still remains unknown. But people buy them - lots of them - ever since it hit the market in 2008. The X6M is without question a powerful machine, but there are better M cars to buy, and despite it not being a true 4x4, the X6 does feature BMW's xDrive all-wheel traction system.

This video places the X6 in glamorous St. Moritz, Switzerland, where it was hitched up to a snowcat to see if it could pull it up the hill. Given that BMW released the video, you can probably guess whether it succeeded or not, but you can see for yourself in the clip below.

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