BMW X7 Design Patents Find Way Their Online Before BMW Wants Us To See Them

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We'll see the real deal in the flesh in only a few months' time.

It's no secret BMW will soon launch its first ever X7 large SUV. Last September we a concept version of the three-row SUV which, in our opinion, was around 80 percent production ready, design wise. BMW has also teased several in-house spy photos of pre-production X7s on the assembly line at the Spartanburg, South Carolina production facility. Chances are, a full reveal will happen as early as this fall, our best guess being the LA Auto Show in November. After all, it's the US that's craving three-row SUVs more than just about any other country. Today we have for you leaked images of the X7's final design.

These patent images, courtesy of Bimmer Post and Motor1, are definitely the real deal. The overall design language matches perfectly with the rest of BMW's existing lineup, specifically the also all-new X5. To further prove this, we've added X5 photos for your comparison pleasure. Built on BMW's modular CLAR platform, which also underpins the X5, the X7 will be going directly up against the likes of the Mercedes-Benz GLS and Range Rover. Under its hood will be a range of engines, including six- and eight-cylinders as well as a plug-in hybrid, though sources indicate the latter won't be available at launch.

Another rumor claims a V12 is also in the pipeline, but we'll believe it when we see it. Compared to the X5, the X7's rear doors are noticeably longer, as is the entire body itself. Up front, the X7 shares the X5's bold new styling, with that kidney grille design bigger than ever. Previous interior spy shots also showed the X7 will be running the 7 Series sedan's software, thanks to a 7 Series image being visible in the fully digital instrument gauge cluster.

X7 pricing is expected to start well above the X5's $50,000 base price and will very easily climb into the six-figure territory with all of the extra options. Question is, will there be an eventual X7 M? Of course, BMW refuses to confirm nor deny its existence, but if the automaker feels there's a business case for it, then there's your answer.


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