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BMW X7 Reveal Will Happen Sooner Than We Thought

2018 Paris Motor Show / Comments

The Bavarian manufacturer seemingly can’t wait to get into the full-sized SUV market.

Fans of large three-row SUVs have been eagerly awaiting the release of BMW's largest X model yet, the X7. Initially slated for a global debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November, The Drive learned that the reveal will now most likely occur a month earlier at the Paris Motor Show.

As with most new market entrants, the X7 has garnered mixed responses from both the media and the public, its enlarged dimensions and snouty front-end have proved to be hot points of debate.

Aesthetic appeal aside, the X7 will be packed with the latest tech on offer and while BMW has neither confirmed nor denied it, a hybrid and even all-electric X7 variant may well become part of the line up as they push towards their 2025 electrification goals. Aside from the eco-friendly variants, the possibility of an M Performance X7 has already been a topic of discussion between the BMW management team.

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While most of what we know about the upcoming X7-range topper is based on rumors and second-hand information, based on the positioning of the current range of X models, this new entrant should slot in amongst the sportier offerings in the segment.

Official BMW concept images show a vehicle that combines a selection of existing and upcoming tech. Love it or hate it, the reveal will be an interesting one and it will give us a good idea of what new developments will be making their way into the rest of the BMW model range in the near future.