BMW X7 Transformed Into Pickup, X7 M And X8


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There was a time when outlandish renders of existing vehicle designs gave us a good laugh and we could move on with our lives. Then we started seeing some of these ridiculous concepts turning to reality and before long the world was awash with four-door coupe-styled SUVs, high-riding hatchbacks and Mercedes-Benz Pickup trucks.

Thankfully the X-Class won't be coming to the US just yet, but its very existence is something to be wary of, and to tempt fate X-Tomi Design has just revealed his idea of what a BMW X7 pickup truck would look like.

There's no doubting X-Tomi's talents in altering existing designs to look like production ready models, and this is where the problems come in; If the right person at BMW sees this X7 render they might well be spurred into action to compete with Mercedes.

The crazy Bavarians have history here too, having once built a one-off BMW M3 pickup for a laugh. Let's hope then that they move onto what X-Tomi envisions the X7 M will look like and forget about the pickup thing altogether.

The electric blue hunkered down X7 M looks far more pleasing to the eye and while there is no confirmation that such a model will be released, we wouldn't be surprised if BMW introduces one to take on other overpowered behemoths like the Mercedes- Benz AMG GLS63. Remember when the idea of an X5 M joining the then pure M range was just a ridiculous notion?

X-Tomi Design BMW

The X8 is another niche model that is a logical addition to the burgeoning X range, BMW once again has not confirmed that one is on the way, but we wouldn't bet on them holding out for too long. X-Tomi's rendering of what an X8 xDrive40i would look like is probably quite accurate too.

As is the case with the X5 and X6, this massive high-riding coupe would share most of its componentry with the X7 and command a small premium over it for the coupe-like rear styling. With so many unlikely body styles and designs finding their way to market, it would be unwise to assume that BMW isn't already well down the design path to building all three of these cars. Perhaps X-Tomi could render a next-gen M3 with a hypothetical V8 under the hood just to restore balance to the force.

X-Tomi Design BMW BMW

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