BMW XM Spied Looking As Ugly As We Feared

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We'd prefer if you left the camo on.

The BMW XM is happening, whether we like it or not. Based on the reactions of BMW fans recently surveyed by the brand, the majority of people fall into the latter camp. But that hasn't deterred BMW in any way, and although the design may be controversial, the body style is a guaranteed moneymaker.

Thus, BMW continues developing the car for the market launch, and now our spy photographers have captured the heinous heifer with a little less disguising camouflage. It's still ugly, but if we're being honest, the production version is slightly less offensive than the Concept XM on which it is based. Don't take that as an endorsement - the XM is still sickeningly painful to look at.

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At the front, we can see the bulbous kidney grilles with their thick horizontal strakes. As we know from other recent M cars, horizontal kidney grille vanes indicate a full-fat M car, not an M Performance model. In keeping with this theme, the mirrors have been exposed fully for the first time, revealing that they are very similar to those of existing M crossovers and SUVs like the X3 and X6. Remember when the X6 was the ugliest BMW ever? Good times.

This car also reveals proper alloys housing big red brakes for the first time, as our past sightings have captured mules wearing wheels that look like they should be spares. We're not sold on the design, but we suppose that an unusual wheel is in keeping with the rest of the vehicle.

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Although still obscured by camouflage, we can also more accurately make out the final shape of the production car's taillights. Thankfully, these are slimmer and slightly prettier than earlier prototypes have suggested. They also appear to be tinted, helping them look rather attractive when considered in isolation from the rest of the SUV.

Moving down, we can see that the rear diffuser elements will mirror those of the Concept XM, with a central light that could be used as a fog light or a reverse light. Unlike the Concept, a little spoiler has been added to the top of the tailgate with a CHMSL (central high-mounted stop light) neatly integrated.

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The production version of the XM is going to be less aggressive and wacky in its design than the Concept XM, but it hasn't been pared back nearly enough for us to consider it a looker. Thankfully, we shouldn't have to stare at the SUV for too long - a twin-turbo V8 with hybrid assistance is expected to produce 750 horsepower in the range-topping model, which means BMW's ugliest and most powerful production car (so far) will disappear into the distance with ease.

We expect to see the production XM revealed by BMW very soon, possibly before the end of the year, as part of BMW M's 50th-anniversary celebrations.

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