BMW Z4 235

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BMW has a long history building roadsters dating back to the 1930s and the new Z4 continues in that tradition. This is the second generation of the popular model, originally debuting in 2002, replacing the Z3. While the previous design drew a lot of criticism due to its shark-like lines, this new model offers a new design language. It has very clean lines eschewing a sleekness and power. With a nice fluid design, many consider this one of BMW's most beautiful models in recent years.

With a variety of engines, the price fluctuates with the power. A base Z4 will start at around $45,000 and comes with a 3.0 liter inline V6. The upgraded engine is a twin turbocharged six cylinder as well. While not as much of a performer as the Porsche Boxster, the Z4 is a great everyday cruiser that will satisfy the BMW faithful.

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