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BMW Z4 by JM Car Design

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JM Car Design gives the previous generation BMW Z4 some updated styling without any changes under the hood.

For those who couldn't stand the design of the previous generation BMW Z4, then we're sure you're probably happier with the current car and its more conservative lines. But there are still plenty of fans out there who love the old Bangle-era Z4 and were sad to see BMW abandon its shark-like design. But JM Car Design isn't quite done with the previous generation Z4 as they're now offering a new suspension and styling for it. The goal apparently was to make it resemble the current E89 Z4 Roadster, but we think it looks good on its own.

Some of the new features include a modified front bumper and grille, with styling taken from the E89 model. It also comes equipped with a 30mm wider wheelbase, new side skirts with special air vents to cool the brakes, rear apron, and LED lights around the door handles. The antenna has also moved into the rear bumper. It has also received an adjustable KW coilover suspension system with a three-thread of height, pressure and tensile dampening. There's also a set of Work VS XX-light metal wheel rims wrapped in Dunlop Sport Maxx high-performance tires and a Eisenmann exhaust with a 76mm tail pipe.

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JM Car Design hasn't made any changes under the hood, but overall it's a clean and straight-forward looking styling update that does a solid job enhancing the old Z4's unique, if not somewhat controverial appearance. No pricing details or timing of availability have been announced.