BMW's Latest Plan For The M8 Sounds Spectacular

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Let's just hope it's true.

Like all automakers these days, BMW has had to make tough decisions regarding future vehicles. Now isn't the time to launch limited-production halo models with high development costs and typically low profitability, which is why the production version of the BMW M Next Concept was scrapped.

But last week our spy photographers caught an usual-looking BMW test mule driving around Germany. Although it looked like a BMW 8 Series Coupe, its camouflage was hiding what appeared to be a mid-engine setup. Hopes were quickly dashed by a follow-up report claiming the prototype was nothing more than a testbed for new components.

While a new M1-inspired mid-engined supercar doesn't appear to be in the works, a new report from Spanish language is claiming BMW is working on the ultimate M8.

2020-2021 BMW M8 Coupe Front View Driving BMW
2020-2021 BMW M8 Coupe Side View BMW
2020-2021 BMW M8 Coupe Rear Angle View BMW

An M8 CSL will supposedly arrive in 2022 but unlike the current BMW M8, it'll feature new hybrid technologies. Development is still in the relatively early stages.

Power could come from a 3.0-liter six-cylinder connected to electric motors for a combined output of around 700 horsepower. To compare, today's M8 Competition boasts 617 hp and 553 lb-ft of torque. Styling-wise, the M8 CSL could receive aerodynamic add-ons such as a large rear spoiler. To counterbalance the expected weight gain from the hybrid system and batteries, engineers will have to shed weight wherever possible. This means an abundance of carbon fiber components will be required inside and out. Fortunately, the M8 already has a carbon-fiber roof. The rear seat could also be removed.

2020-2021 BMW M8 Coupe Dashboard BMW
2020-2021 BMW M8 Coupe Badge BMW
2020-2021 BMW M8 Coupe Rear Spoiler BMW
2020-2021 BMW M8 Coupe Rear Bumper BMW

A BMW M8 CSL certainly sounds plausible given recent statements from BMW M CEO Markus Flasch indicating his desire for additional limited editions in both the CS and CSL range with a specific focus on coupes. CSL models are aimed directly at the most committed enthusiasts who desire a street-legal race car.

For now, BMW has not confirmed anything about this rumor and likely won't in order to keep speculation running high. But last week's spy shots could very well have been an early development mule for the M8 CSL. Expect to hear a lot more about this topic in the coming months.

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2020-2021 BMW M8 Coupe Headlights On
2020-2021 BMW M8 Coupe Front View Driving
2020-2021 BMW M8 Coupe Side View
2020-2021 BMW M8 Coupe Rear Angle View

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