BMW's Most Expensive EV Yet Is Coming

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An iX7 is reportedly in the works.

Although US customers will miss out on the recently unveiled BMW iX3, the electric version of the big-selling X3, at least the Tesla-fighting iX will still be making it stateside. The iX is said to be X5-sized, but what about an even more luxurious BMW SUV with an electric powertrain? Well, the latest according to an Autocar report is that design proposals for an iX7 have been developed. It would, of course, be based on the three-row BMW X7. If the project progresses and the design proposals get the thumbs up, this three-row SUV could arrive in 2025.

The BMW i7, the fully electric version of the flagship 7 Series sedan, is also on the way. These two vehicles will likely test how much buyers are willing to pay for an electrified BMW.

2020-2021 BMW X7 Front View BMW
2020-2021 BMW X7 Front View Driving BMW
2020-2021 BMW X7 Rear View BMW

Although we haven't seen what the iX7 could look like, we expect it to have the same profile as the squared-off X7 but with specific design details that are unique to BMW i cars. For instance, the iX3 has a bespoke grille design, special blue detailing, and unique wheels to set it apart from the conventionally-powered X3.

If the iX is anything to go by, the iX7 should be one seriously rapid SUV. The iX will reportedly generate at least 308 horsepower with a dual-motor variant making in the region of 610 hp. That's almost as much power as the 617 horses produced by BMW's most powerful engine, the 4.4-liter twin-turbocharged V8.

2020-2021 BMW X7 Dashboard BMW
2020-2021 BMW X7 Panoramic Sunroof BMW
2020-2021 BMW X7 Panoramic Sunroof BMW

This V8 does duty in the likes of the M5 with the optional Competition Package. The iX7, being based on BMW's largest SUV, should offer similar power. While no technical details have been confirmed about the iX7, we expect it to adopt BMW's flexible platform approach to building EVs, so it could share much of its architecture with the regular X7.

These flagship electric cars form part of BMW's bigger plan to launch nine new electric vehicles over the next four to five years.

2020-2021 BMW X7 Side View BMW
2020-2021 BMW X7 Headlights BMW
2020-2021 BMW X7 Badge BMW
Source Credits: Autocar UK

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2020-2021 BMW X7 Panoramic Sunroof
2020-2021 BMW X7 Panoramic Sunroof
2020-2021 BMW X7 Dashboard
2020-2021 BMW X7 Front View
2020-2021 BMW X7 Front View Driving

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