BMW's New Electric Pickup Truck Looks Great

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The new BMW iX looks pretty sweet as a pickup.

BMW's huge new corporate grille shows no signs of slowing down, even making its way onto the Bavarian auto brand's newest electric vehicle, the iX. If you're wondering why that might be considered strange, remember: electric vehicles don't generally need grilles, meaning BMW could just as easily have left the contentious design feature off the iX's otherwise noncontroversial face. In fact, after its reveal, the iX's design became the subject of a tense war of words online, culminating in BMW throwing shade on critics over social media, before backing off and apologizing.

It's not exactly the sort of vehicle we would have picked out as a candidate for an electric pickup truck, and yet here we are.

KDesign AG via Behance
KDesign AG via Behance

Seen here, the 2022 BMW iX has been reimagined as a pure-electric pickup truck by designer Kleber Silva, and it actually sort of... works. From the C-pillar forward, it's essentially the same exact design BMW showed off earlier this month, with the same sloping roofline, the same narrow headlamps, and yes, the same divisive new corporate grille, but from the C-pillar back, there's a small open cargo bed instead of a covered cargo area.

That one small change is enough to drastically alter the vehicle's overall aesthetic.

Forward Vision BMW
Front View BMW
Front View Driving BMW
Rear View Driving BMW

We know what you're thinking. "A BMW pickup truck? That's absurd!" That's mostly true; even with the onslaught of forthcoming electric pickup trucks from Ford, GM, Tesla, Rivian, Bollinger, and Lordstown Motors, the chances of BMW dipping its toes into the market are essentially nil. But it might surprise you to learn that BMW actually did build a one-off pickup truck concept based on the X7 crossover, although it was more of an exercise for the company's vocational trainees than a real glimpse at a possible production-intent vehicle.

Unfortunately, the best chance we have of ever seeing this BMW electric pickup in the flesh is some buyer taking the initiative to build it themselves.

Central Console BMW
Front Seats BMW
Rear View BMW
Source Credits: KDesign AG on Behance

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