BMW's New Feature Will Save Drivers From Speeding Tickets

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Now that's a feature we'd pay extra for.

BMW recently rolled out its biggest over-the-air software update yet, adding features such as Android Auto, enhanced navigation, and connected parking and charging. The German carmaker has also been testing the waters for additional subscription-based features that customers can add after purchasing their car.

For example, if a customer lives in a warm climate but moves somewhere colder, they can unlock heated seats for an additional fee. Or, if a driver's daily commute moves from the highway to stop and go city driving, they can add adaptive cruise control. According to Automotive News, BMW is working on a new feature that might help BMW drivers avoid speeding tickets. For a fee, owners can get speed-trap alerts that will appear on the dashboard.

BMW BMW 2020 BMW M8 Coupe Front View Driving BMW
2020 BMW M8 Coupe Front View Driving

Much like BMW's other in-car purchase options, owners will have to subscribe to the speed-trap alerts rather than submit a one-time payment. With the subscription enabled, the car alerts drivers when the police are attempting to clock their speed. The system is not the same as Waze or Google Maps, which use user-marked locations to warn of speed traps.

Instead, BMW's system relies on built-in radars and laser detectors and the nationwide network of fixed and mobile traffic cameras. The feature is powered by know-how from Here Technologies, a company that BMW purchased a few years ago with Audi and Mercedes-Benz, and automated sensor data from Cedar Electronics.


We still aren't sure which countries or BMW models will have access to this feature. We assume that new models like the 2021 BMW M4 will have the feature available, but other 2021 models with the iDrive 7 operating system and Live Professional Cockpit should have it as well. New models will include three months of free services, with payments of $25 for 15 months of services thereafter.

Forward Vision BMW 2020-2021 BMW 7 Series Hybrid Front View Driving BMW
Forward Vision
2020-2021 BMW 7 Series Hybrid Front View Driving
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2020 BMW M8 Coupe Front View Driving

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