BMW's Opens New Driving Experience At Indianapolis

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Learn how to control M3s and M4s at one of the most famous racetracks in the world.

Time and time again, we've seen how a lack of high-performance driving experience can end in disaster during a track day. Fortunately, many manufacturers offer driving schools allowing owners and fans to hone their skills and push their performance cars to the limit in a safe, controlled environment.

Ford offers a free driving school to GT500 owners and Chevrolet provides driver training for the C8 Corvette. Now, BMW is expanding its high-performance center to include the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, offering a range of driving school classes and driver experiences in BMW M road cars, race cars, and core models.

Front View Driving BMW
Rear Perspective Driving BMW

BMW already offers performance driving schools in Spartanburg, South Carolina, and Thermal, California, but this is the first time a BMW Performance Center has opened in the Midwest.

Beginning on July 8, 2021, experienced instructors will teach participants how to unleash the full potential of BMW M cars in a variety of events. Aimed at beginners, the M Track Experience helps familiarize drivers with track driving techniques, while the M Track Days experience offers a "robust track driving experience taught by BMW Performance Driving School instructors."


The full-day M4 GT4 Experience lets (licensed) drivers take the M4 GT4 customer race car for a spin. In addition, BMW is offering test drive experiences for a variety of BMW and BMW M models such as the new M3 and M4, as well as off-road experiences for X-Series SUVs, and you don't have to be an owner to do this. Corporate events can also be arranged at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway during the BMW Driving Experience.

The only downside is that BMW's experience at IMS will run for a limited time and end on August 8th, 2021. The remaining events will be held on Friday August 6th, Saturday August 7th, and Sunday August 8th. Registration for upcoming events will open soon (, so it's worth keeping an eye on BMW's Performance Center website for updates.

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