BMW's Ultimate Driving Experience 2023 Doesn't Have A Single M Car

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Besides the XM, which isn't great. And which you can only look at.

BMW is hosting a touring event called the Ultimate Driving Experience, the name of which suggests that you'll get the opportunity to experience the brand's best-driving cars, but alas, not a single M car is available for participants to test.

The 2021 edition of the UDE allowed people to experience cars like the M4 as part of the M Car Control Clinic. Last year's edition was a little different, adding electric vehicles to the mix. However, it still allowed one to experience BMW M vehicles.

But for this year, the automaker does not mention any M vehicles, although it does have an event that seems perfectly suited to BMW's fastest.


This year's event includes four different highlights, the first of which is the Autocross, "an exciting driving session with professional instructors that highlights BMW performance driving dynamics, advanced technology, and innovative safety features on a challenging course." Either BMW is not bringing any M vehicles, or the list is not yet finalized, but nothing on the official UDE website states that participants will be using the company's best cars.

The second attraction is Street Drives, allowing visitors to try out various BMW products on local roads. The all-electric Mini Cooper SE will also be present at some stops on the tour.


Then there's the iX Experience, which focuses on showing visitors around the BMW iX's features and capabilities, and finally, various display vehicles, including the electric BMW i7 and the hybrid BMW XM. Besides the electric Cooper SE at some stops, BMW has confirmed the presence of the i4, as well as that of the BMW 3 Series Hybrid (330e) and its bigger 530e sibling.

BMW's Ultimate Driving Experience is more electrified than ever, and it seems that the automaker's focus is more on drawing attention to its new electrified vehicles than on showing customers how well its finest cars can handle; we're very surprised the new M2 is not on the roster.

If you're interested in trying out the Bimmers on offer here, check out the Ultimate Driving Experience website for specific city and date information.


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