Bobbies Impound Lambo in London

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Harrods serves as a hunting ground for the British Bobbies. Are they really serving the public interest, or are they just out to harass some nice Kuwaiti gentlemen with flashy wheels?

London typically sees an influx of high-end luxury and performance cars around this time of year, something we affectionately refer to as "supercar summer". Not everyone is a big fan of these Arab-owned autos though, as the Bobbies on the Beat seem like they're out to spoil some of moneyed motorists' fun. According to the YouTube user who filmed this video, British police were stationed outside the famous Harrods department store and were stopping cars with Arabic license plates in order to make sure they had the right documentation.

A Porsche 911 GT3 RS and an orange Lamborghini Aventador with Qatari plates were pulled over and let go before a driver in a matte black Aventador had some rather unfortunate luck. Though he insisted he had the right papers, the police weren't convinced and had his Kuwait-registered $376,000 supercar impounded.

What makes this situation even sketchier is that most of the "routine" stops were filmed by TV crews. The police apparently apprehend foreign cars for lack of registration and insurance to justify their paychecks. We'll let you, our loyal CarBuzz readers, debate that one.

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