Bodacious BMW Pickups

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A BMW with a bed is the ultimate eyesore. Beamer purists, prepare to have your hearts broken.

Even if you live in a dark cave, you probably know that BMW doesn't do trucks. The idea of a Beamer-badged truck is unappealing to just about everyone on Earth, which is what makes the existence of these BMW utes so odd. For whatever reason, people seem to love to chop the top off of M3s and M5s. Even BMW teased us a couple of years back with one such ute concept of their own. If the thought of a BMW pickup excites you, or if you just want to see mutilated luxury sedans, then continue reading on.

This BMW 730i pickup is a vehicle only a blind mother could love. This pickup comes complete with two rear death seats and a sticker of Uncle Sam on its rear windshield. If that's not enough to get you to shell out $6,200 (the car's asking price) then you don't know a good deal when you see one.

This M3 Ute has the honor of being deemed the fastest pickup on the planet. This April Fools' joke hit 186mph on the Nurburgring. All that performance and it can carry a max payload of 992lbs.

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Long before BMW was pranking their fan base with M3 pickups, Australian golfer Stuart Appleby was hard at work converting his M5 into a pickup. Appleby's Beamer is a sight to see, with its all-black paint job and 460hp engine.

If you have a spare $16,000 lying around, then this M3 pickup can be yours. The truck comes complete with a banana yellow interior and a 3.0-liter 6cyl engine capable of putting out 282hp. The interior alone is worth $16,000.

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