Bollinger Motors' New Battery Partner Could Revolutionize EV Range And Charging

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Bollinger is set to create some disruption in the commercial segment.

Bollinger Motors has officially announced Our Next Energy (ONE) as the battery supplier for its commercial electric trucks. ONE previously made waves when it installed a new-gen battery pack into a Tesla Model S and then drove it for 752 miles on a single charge and has seen massive investment from BMW.

The partnership is the second big step forward for the embattled US-based EV manufacturer and clearly indicates that it wants to be a serious player in the EV truck space.

Bollinger Motors was initially founded in New York in 2015 before attracting major attention with the reveals of the B1 SUV and B2 pickup in 2019. But the Cybertruck rival hasn't yet seen the light of day, and was thought to be dead in favor of commercial chassis cab construction instead before Mullen Automotive got involved with a fresh round of investment for Bollinger.

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The focus will still be commercial vehicles for now, but the B1 and B2 are back on the table, albeit delayed by a few years. However, Bollinger has given up on building its own battery packs.

"Halting development of our batteries in-house and teaming up with ONE is a win-win in both technological advancement and production logistics," says Bryan Chambers, COO of Bollinger Motors. "We've not only advanced the quality of our product but moved our fleet delivery dates closer."

Bollinger will eventually build all-electric Class 4 through Class 6 chassis cabs, and this particular segment demands large payloads, sufficient range, durability, and longevity. The ONE battery packs will help Bollinger achieve these targets as it aims to start production in late 2023.

Bollinger Bollinger

The Class 4 Chassis Cab with one or two battery packs will launch first, followed by the Class 5 platform for walk-in van upfits.

"We are pleased to provide Bollinger commercial vehicles with industry-leading range, using our Aries LFP battery platform," said Mujeeb Ijaz, founder and CEO of ONE. "The Aries LFP chemistry contains no nickel and cobalt, offering superior durability and daily charging up to 100% without compromise."

Since ONE and Bollinger are both based in the USA, and the final assembly will take place in Michigan, when the B1 and B2 do reach production, there's every chance they could still qualify for that sweet $7,500 federal tax credit.

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