James Bond's Aston Martin DB5 From No Time To Die Heads To Auction

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Another chance to own one of 007's iconic Aston Martin movie cars.

It seems hard to believe that the Bond film franchise is now 60 years old and headed in an all-new direction. To commemorate the occasion, we reported that a massive charity auction will be hosted to sell off 60 lots of James Bond memorabilia. Highlights included a couple of Land Rover Defenders and a Jaguar XF that were featured in the most recent film No Time To Die.

Now there is another star car from the 007's latest movie, the Aston Martin DB5 getting chased by that same evil Jag. And the DB5 movie car is going up for auction at Christie's. Buyers will have a chance to bid on the only stunt car from the film to come up for sale.

Christie's Christie's

According to Christie's, the body is modern carbon fiber underneath that classic Silver Birch paint. The engine is still a straight-six but it's not the original DB5 engine. Rather, this one uses the 3.2-liter mill from the E46 generation of the BMW M3. A German engine in a British car? Nein, say it ain't so.

Adding to the performance upgrades, bucket seats with racing harnesses are installed, as was a roll cage, and a hydraulic handbrake. The new owner will need the latter to mimic those epic J-turns Daniel Craig pulled off in the film when confronted with baddies. The exhaust system had also been modified to sound as close to an Aston Martin DB5 as possible.

Otherwise, the aesthetics of the car are close to immaculate. Eight replicas were built for the film, with just this one going up for sale. Perhaps that's why Christie's, the auction house responsible for hosting the sale, is anticipating about $2.4 million (or 2.0 million Pounds).

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That's a hefty chunk of change for an AM car, not quite the original used by 007 way back then. But remember, James Bond will always drive an Aston Martin, even if they're typically destroyed and later rebuilt better by Q. Considering the price, it's not quite as outrageous when you consider Sean Connery's privately-owned DB5 was expected to go up for similar money, if not a little less.

The auctions are scheduled to begin on Sept. 15 and will conclude on Oct. 5. Proceeds will support 45 charities as well as produce some very happy collectors. Of course, operational machine guns are not included.

Universal Pictures Universal Pictures
Source Credits: Christie's

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