Bonkers Belgian Owns 5,500 Ford Mustangs, Has Them All on Show

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Vast collection beautifully displayed in repair shop.

Bigger collections may well exist, but Mustang mad Adelbert Engler claims his is the largest viewable collection of scale model Ford Mustangs on the planet. Having bought his first model at the age of eight, he has built up his monumental collection over the years. But he wants to see and touch them, and share them with other Stang lovers. So he converted his Mustang restoration and repair shop (no surprise he has one of these) located in Heusden-Zolder, Belgium, in order to display his vast collection in a 25-meter-long vitrine.

He has every Mustang variant and version of every generation, as well as RC pony cars and whisky bottles shaped like Mustangs. He may be geeky, but we love guys like this

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