Boozy McLaren 720S Driver Leads Georgia Cops On 155 MPH Chase


Money doesn't always signal the presence of responsibility.

It doesn't matter how good those McLaren engineers are. No matter how well they can refine the Super Sports line until a car like the 720S is spit out of the factory, the supercar is only as good as its driver is. And in this case, the driver was a very blunt and dangerous instrument of destruction. According to the Alpharetta Patch, an Atlanta owner of this white McLaren 720S pulled a dumb move when they decided to blow past a police car while traveling at a high rate of speed.

The Alpharetta, Georgia officer caught up with the McLaren and managed to clock it going 105 mph and then again at 155 mph, well over the posted 65 mph speed limit in the area. "I checked the vehicle's speed again with my RADAR device and the device read 155 mph. I reached a speed of 143 mph in my patrol vehicle and the vehicle was still pulling away from me," said the officer.

After the officer tailed the 720S for about five miles, the car suddenly decided to stop, going from 150 mph to zero in a matter of seconds. The driver, who was changing lanes without using their turn signal, told the officer that he didn't see the lights or hear the siren. It was at that point that the officer noticed that the driver was showing signs of intoxication. The driver also admitted to having had a few drinks after the officer conducted sobriety tests on the man. And just like that, the reckless supercar owner was booked into the Alpharetta Jail for speeding, DUI, reckless driving, failure to maintain lane, and driving with an expired tag. Maybe next time try Uber? Surely you can afford the surge charge.


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