Borgward Bringing Mystery Sports Car Concept To Frankfurt

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It's rumored to be a modern take on the Isabella.

After a long hiatus spanning several decades, Borgward was brought back to life in 2008 thanks to Chinese investors. The Jaguar F-Pace-esque BX7 SUV, revealed at the 2015 Frankfurt Auto Show, was the company's first car in 54-years. It's been a successful comeback too, as nearly 50,000 units of the BX7 have been sold since it went on sale last year. Now, the revived German automaker is gearing up for its next reveal at this year's Frankfurt Auto Show, except this time it isn't an SUV – it's potentially something much more exciting.

A teaser image released back in July showed what appeared to be a modern take on the much-loved Isabella sports car, showing off its gaping wheel arches and curvaceous hood. The second teaser hints at a dramatic design, giving us a better idea of the car's overall look. Little has still been revealed about Borgward's mystery sports car concept, but the latest teaser gives us a tantalizing glimpse at the car's unconventional taillights, prominent C-pillar and rear wheels. Judging from the images, Borgward's new sports car concept has the potential to be one of the standout surprises at this year's Frankfurt Auto Show.

It will of course be competing against some highly-anticipated reveals however, like the mighty Mercedes Project One hypercar. Rumors have suggested that Borgward is planning to give the fabled Isabella a new lease of life, which would make sense given that it's the most successful car the brand has ever produced, with 200,000 units sold between 1954 and 1962 before the company went bankrupt. Whereas the BX5 and BX7 are being produced in China, the unnamed sports car could be manufactured at the firm's new Bremen factory due to open in 2018 with an annual capacity of 50,000 units. All will be revealed at the Frankfurt Auto Show, which kicks off in just a matter of weeks.

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