Borgward Hits Frankfurt With The Curious-Looking Isabella EV Concept

2017 Frankfurt Motor Show / Comments

That little-known German automaker plans to make a killing in China. With a long-wheelbase and looks like these, it just might.

Of all the spicy tantalizing sounds that roll off the tongue and invoke excitement in the minds of those who utter them, "Borgward" is not one of them. Don't for a second, however, think that it means this German automaker is not capable of producing some of the most head-turning concepts to show off at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, even in a crowd that includes the Mercedes-AMG Project One and Ferrari Portofino. Signaling its return to the main stage, we now have the privilege of welcoming the Borgward Isabella Design Concept.

The most tempting part about the Isabella is its design. Sleek lines with a side of curvaceous rounded elements lend confidence in the front and a mix between the Maserati Alfieri concept and a Porsche Panamera at the rear. It's the Isabella's midsection, the stylistic element responsible for connecting the two parts together, where the transition becomes confusing. The lack of a clear B pillar and a seamless body line makes it appear as if there are no doors. Not only is this wrong, but we're sure designers at Borgward would love to show the world just how wrong that is by engaging each of the four entry portals. The word "portal" may sound too futuristic for this automotive oddity, but these are no normal doors.

Instead of being hinged like standard car doors or even the scissor doors of a Lamborghini Aventador or gullwing doors of a Pagani Huayra, the Isabella has suicide doors that open in a style mimicking that of the Rezvani Beast Alpha, the rear doors opposing the motion of the fronts. Inside the cockpit is just as wacky. A centrally-mounted angular touchscreen makes up the infotainment system, which sounds odd at first but a peep at the rest of the interior-which blends contemporary and classical design elements beautifully-shows that it fits in perfectly. Borgward was unclear on how much power the Isabella makes, but we do know it's motivated by electricity.

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The design concept is intended to highlight the German automaker's aspirations for the future, a future that will unfold in EV-loving China with ambitious plans to churn out 1.6 million cars per year by 2025. Sure that's a tough goal, but this is an unordinary car trying to find out how it can thrive in unordinary times.


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