Bosch Bringing Level 4 Autonomy-Ready LiDAR To CES 2023

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From long-range LiDAR to in-cabin occupant sensors, the German tech firm is showcasing something for everyone.

German technology giant Bosch is expected to preview several cutting-edge safety innovations at the Consumer Electronics Show 2023 that aim to improve safety and autonomous vehicles.

Those betting big on the self-driving future will be interested to hear the company will showcase long-range LiDAR for Level 4 autonomous driving. The firm says LiDAR plays an essential role in developing safer self-driving cars and will demonstrate the long-range system's capabilities at CES 2023. According to Bosch, it has been developed for high-volume production and can be used in a variety of driving situations.

Bosch will also showcase new eAxle systems for electric vehicles. Said to be cost-effective and compact, the electric drive units can be configured for different use cases and provide "a great deal of flexibility for every vehicle segment."

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Showgoers obsessed with the electric future will undoubtedly be interested in Bosch's convenience charging solutions. EV owners will be able to receive personalized route recommendations for charge points. As you go along, these routes are tweaked to reflect the vehicle's needs and also provide an accurate range figure. Moreover, the cost-optimized charging service offers customers access to a global charging network.

In an attempt to manage the complexity of in-car systems, Bosch is moving towards a sole vehicle computer for driver assist functions and infotainment. The company sees a centralized E/E architecture setup as the solution and says this next-generation information domain computer will incorporate things such as surround-view cameras and infotainment features.

Another important system Bosch will showcase is the interior monitoring system.

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The camera-based safety feature has been improved with the addition of a cabin sensing radar. Not only can this detect driver drowsiness and distraction, but can also sense whether a small child has remained in the vehicle. This sounds similar to Toyota's Cabin Awareness system, which uses high-resolution 4D imaging radar to detect occupants or pets that have been left behind.

While these systems are all impressive, four of Bosch's innovations received the CES 2023 Innovation Award. This includes the Off-zone Crash Detection system, which uses sensor data and a new software algorithm to detect uncaptured crash scenarios, i.e., accidents that occur when crossing intersections or performing lane changes.

Bosch says the additional detection zones enable the airbags and other safety systems to act promptly. The unique algorithm can be paired with existing sensors, meaning automakers wouldn't have to make expensive changes to vehicles.

Bosch Bosch

Another particularly interesting development comes in the form of vehicle dynamics control. The concept utilizes the potential of actuators from the steering, brakes, powertrain, and suspension. Based on information gleaned from these components, the system can anticipate the vehicle's movements and act accordingly.

Bosch plans to preview all this and more at CES 2023, which will run from January 5-8 in Las Vegas. Attendees can also look forward to the unveiling of Ram's electric pickup truck, the 1500 Revolution. Polestar plans to showcase some innovative driver-monitoring technology, while Volkswagen also has plans to introduce a new electric vehicle, albeit one that is covered in camouflage.

As for when we'll see all of Bosch's innovations hit production cars, we're not sure. But don't be surprised to see it debut on a top-shelf luxury vehicle like the Mercedes-Benz S-Class in the coming years.

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