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Just because you can't fight crime like the Dark Knight, doesn't mean you can't drive like him.

Just because you can't fight crime like the Dark Knight, doesn't mean you can't drive like him. The Batmobile is fast, tough and filled with more gadgets than a Sharper Image. Another great thing about the Batmobile is that it isn't impossible to recreate. While not everyone can build their own Batmobile, everyone can check out all of these awesome Batmobile tributes. Fans of the ultra-cheesy 1960s Batman show are going to love this 1966 Batmobile replica from Fiberglass Freaks.

This official replica looks nearly identical to the original and includes a bubbled front windshield, a flashing red beacon light and a working rear flamethrower. $150,000 and six months of patience can make this street-legal Batmobile yours.

The mini Batmobile Tumbler proves that you don't need a license to fight crime. This Batmobile is actually a custom made go-kart that you can build yourself provided you have money to purchase the plans and patience to complete the project. Parent of the Year to the person who builds this for their kid.

Golfing would be made infinitely more awesome if everyone got to drive around in the Batmobile Tumbler golf cart. Writer, director, producer and all around Batman lover Ray Griggs partnered with Marc Irvin of Marc's Creature Company to create this one-of-a-kind golf cart that spends most of its time fighting crime in the Warner Bros. backlot.

This replica is based on the turbine engine Batmobile seen in the Michael Keaton Batman movies. Unfortunately, this batmobile is not powered by a turbine engine, but it still manages to push 700 horsepower. The total cost to the eccentric Swede who built this replica: three and a half years and $1 million.

One has to wonder if Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan ever roll around Hollywood in the Batlimo. This one-of-a-kind limousine is also styled after the Batmobile from the Michael Keaton Batman films. Little is known of the Batlimo, which leads to the reasonable assumption that perhaps Bruce Wayne is the one being chauffeured around in it.

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