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BOSS GP: Where F1 Cars Retire

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F1 and Indy cars don't belong in museums - they belong out on the race track. BOSS GP gives them a new lease on life.

We've discussed the issue several times on these pages of where racecars – F1 cars in particular – wind up after they're retired. But this could be the best answer yet. What we're looking at is called BOSS GP. The GP part you probably figured out is for "grand prix", but the BOSS part stands for Big Open Single Seaters. The series offers owners of retired F1, Indy, CART, GP2 and other open-wheel racers the chance to race them once again on tracks like Hockenheim, Donington, Imola, Spa and the Nurburgring.

The cars are classified into categories to keep the action close, and the latest announcement sees the 2011 cars acquired by Teo Martin from the defunct Hispania Racing Team (HRT) heading to the series as well. Check out the clip below to see some of the cars doing what they were made to.

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