Boxster Spyder: The Best Yet

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Just when you thought Porsche couldn't improve the Boxster anymore, it had to go and do something like this. Like what? Try reducing weight to the bare minimum. Overall, the same basic Porsche Boxster S is intact, but weight has been taken out in numerous places. The Spyder does not come with air conditioning, radio, soft top mechanism (now manually operated), LED lights, door handles, and cup holders. With all of this gone, a total of 176 lbs is taken off from the Boxster S.

Total weight is 2,811 pounds, which makes it the lightest car in the current Porsche lineup. The Spyder also features a firmer suspension and lowered ground clearance. Top speed is 166 mph with a base price of $61,200. While many additional features are available to bring the car out of the 1950s, the whole principle is to have a bare-bones two seat roadster. James Dean would be happy.

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