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Brabham BT62 Celebration Series Revives Classic Race Liveries

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Here's the first three, each in a different color scheme.

Brabham Automotive just revealed its first car last month, resplendent in green and gold. But now it's revealed two more liveries that will adorn the next examples of the BT62. Brabham will build 70 examples of the track-focused hypercar, splitting them into two series. The Signature series will afford those buyers fortunate enough with the opportunity to design their own color schemes. The other 35 form part of the Celebrations series, and each gets a classic livery revived from Brabham's considerable history.

That green and gold show car is numbered BT62/01, and wears the same livery (and race number 11) that Dan Gurney sported when he won the French Grand Prix in the Brabham BT7 in 1964. BT62/03 (pictured here in white and green) wears the same colors as Jack Brabham's BT19 when he won the same race (at Reims) in 1966, entering the history books as the first driver ever to win an F1 race in a car of his own construction. Also pictured here for the first time is the livery that will adorn car number 19 – and the BT46B "fan car" that Niki Lauda drove to victory in the 1978 Swedish GP. It's decked out in red with blue stripes ostensibly reminiscent of the Martini Racing livery worn by the original.

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Like these three, the remaining 32 examples in the Signature series will be decked out in the colors worn by each of the 35 race-winning cars from Brabham's 30-year history. Want to get in on the action? You'd better act fast, and bring money. "Considering that the BT62 was shown for the first time just a matter of weeks ago, the response has been incredible," said Brabham sales and marketing director James Haskey. "First deposits have already been taken and we're in the process of allocating build slots for this ultra-exclusive car." Whether you want to secure one of those heritage liveries or commission your own, each example will cost £1 million (before tax).