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Brabham BT62 Shattered Lap Records During Testing

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This track toy is faster than a formula racer.

Want to know just how fast the Brabham BT62 really is? The reborn racing-car constructor hasn't released performance figures yet. But it has revealed that it took the lap record at the Phillip Island circuit during testing. The BT62, for those just joining us, is the latest track-bound supercar to join the party. Sort of like the McLaren P1 GTR or Ferrari FXX-K, but not based on any road car. It packs a 5.4-liter atmospheric V8 capable of producing 700 horsepower and 492 lb-ft of torque.

It also features an F1-style pushrod suspension, similarly F1-derived carbon/carbon brakes (no ceramic here), and more than enough downforce to keep it planted – at least theoretically – on the roof of a tunnel if someone were ever dumb enough to try it.

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The BT62 is the brainchild of one David Brabham, a former F1 driver, Le Mans winner, and son of the legendary Sir Jack Brabham – one of the most accomplished racing constructors and still the only driver to win the Formula One World Championship in his own car. The newly incorporated Brabham Automotive shook down the BT62 on the circuit that, way back in the 1930s, hosted the Australian Grand Prix. It's since been home to touring cars, supercars, and superbikes, among others. Brabham and company hasn't said just how fast it managed to hustle around the track. And it didn't set out to set any records. But in the course of testing, it beat the existing best lap record.

That was previously achieved in 2000 by Simon Wills, who hustled his Formula Holden-spec Reynard 94D open-wheel single-seater in a record 1:24.2215. The best road-based sports cars ever to lap the track were a Radical SR8 and a Mercedes SLS AMG GT3, which set times of 1:25.93 and 1:27.15, respectively, five years ago in May 2013. So the Brabham BT62 must have been considerably quicker to have "eclipsed the official outright lap record at Phillip Island during testing," according to Brabham's chief engineer Paul Birch.