Brabus 2011 E V12 Cabriolet


The 800hp V12 Brabus Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet is the worlds fastest and most powerful cabriolet. It is schedule to debut in Dubai and will cost €478,000.

The Mercede E-Class Cabriolet is a beautiful open air ride that stands on its own as a nice top-tier ride. Now pack that convertible with Brabus' V12 with 800hp and you have yourself an awesome combination of speed, power, class and comfort. Known as the Brabus E V12 Cabriolet, it is the latest installment in Brabus' working with Mercedes E-Class trims, starting with the coupe, sedan and now the cabriolet. Dubbed the world's fastest and most powerful four-seat cabriolet, its performance speaks for itself.

The Brabus Cabriolet can hit a top speed of 231mph and sprints from 0-62mph in only 3.7 seconds. The cabriolet gets its power from a V12 Biturbo twelve-cylinder high-capacity engine and blasts out 800hp and 1,047 lb-ft of peak torque. To hit those high speeds, Brabus tested the cabriolet time and again in a wind tunnel to maximize aerodynamics. A high performance brake system was installed to help contain the cabriolet's power and a special carbon fiber rear fender was added to help conceal the 10-inch wide wheels. The interior is also upgraded as a side note to the car's bold exterior and insane performance.

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The bespoke Brabus steering wheel and inlays are all furnished out of carbon fiber including the dashboard, center console and the aforementioned side trim give the car a sporty yet elegant look. The interior is finished in red and black leather. Set to make its public debut at Brabus Middle East in Dubai, the Brabus E V12 Cabriolet is the first vehicle in a small-series production run. It will be built to order and pricing starts around €478,000.