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Brabus Turns Mercedes-AMG G63 Into An Absolute Beast

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Brabus 700 Widestar is German tuner's latest over-the-top Mercedes creation.

The new Mercedes-AMG G63 would be more than enough machine for most. But there are always those who want more. And for those power-hungry Benz enthusiasts, there's Brabus – which has rather tellingly unveiled its take on the high-powered G-Wagen at the Monaco Yacht Show.

Called the Brabus 700 Widestar, the heavily modified G-Class sport-ute (as the name suggests) wears a widebody kit to give it ten centimeters of extra stance for even more presence on or off the road. But as we've come to expect from the tuner based in Bottrop, Germany, there's more to its latest project than meets the eye.

Under the hood, Brabus has massaged the 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 to produce a massive 690 horsepower and 701 lb-ft of torque – up from 577 and 627 stock, respectively. It's the same set of engine enhancements already seen on the tuner's modified E63 and S63 models, but applied here to give the big SUV a 0-62 time of just 4.3 seconds. Top speed remains limited, however, to 149 mph, lest the tires fitted to those mammoth 23-inch monoblock alloys disintegrate at higher velocity – not something you'd want to happen while hammering down the Autobahn in a five-thousand-pound beast like this.

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Brabus also mounted everything from a custom variable sports exhaust to aluminum paddle shifters to round out the special look and feel. And the show truck on display in Monte Carlo was decked out in a two-tone white and black leather interior – perforated and quilted with a shell motif – with orange accents. And it'll craft each one to the customer's personal tastes, which we could easily see running from low-key sleeper (to embarrass unsuspecting sports cars) to the most outlandish machines on four wheels.