Brabus Beware: Carlsson Previews Smart Fortwo Pocket Rocket

Turns out that tuned Smarts are still hilarious.

We've never really fully understood the point of a tuned Smart Fortwo. For the kind of money you'll end up spending, you might as well just buy a proper car. But Brabus has been tuning them since 2000, and now Carlsson has previewed a rival to that. Called the CK10, we only have a preview of the kit so far, so we unfortunately don't have information on whether it's any more powerful than stock, but the Brabus kit it will compete against produces 101 horsepower.

We can see some of the changes that have been made just by looking at the car, there is a new black grille and 17-inch wheels, which are probably the first thing you'll notice. There are some subtle aerodynamic bits as well, including a lip spoiler, rear diffuser and roof spoiler, all of them small. The interior has been given some nice Alcantara touches and around back there is a new quad-tipped exhaust. This last bit means there are now more tailpipes than cylinders, which is very silly, but it doesn't look terrible. Now we'll simply have to wait until Geneva to see things like price and power.

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