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Brabus Goes for the Ultimate 120 in Geneva

Brabus has prepared a very fast Smart ForTwo Cabrio for the Geneva Motor Show.

Brabus, the German tuning company, is best known for their work added power and performance to normally hum-drum vehicles. Case-in-point: their latest program which focuses on the Smart ForTwo Cabriolet. Titled the Ultimate 120, the Brabus city car reaches previously unseen levels of power while sporting a body kit and some new looks on the inside as well. The first thing Brabus did was add some power to the city car's turbocharged 3-cylinder engine.

The Smart ForTwo now puts out 118hp and 118 lb-ft of torque out of the little plant for performance times of 8.9-seconds for the 0-62mph sprint and a top speed of 112mph. It is certainly no 800hp V12 Brabus Bullitt, but it is pretty impressive for a city car. The Brabus widebody kit for the Smart ForTwo Cabriolet features a front spoiler, redesigned side skirts, rear apron and elongated fenders. The Germans have also added an adjustable coilover suspension on top of 18-inch alloy wheels affixed with bigger brakes to handle the added power. A stainless-steel sports exhaust system has been added.

The interior receives a pair of Recaro racing seats, Brabus' own steering wheel, stainless-steel pedals, revised instruments and plenty of colored accents. Brabus has said that production of the Ultimate 120 will be limited to, fittingly, 120 units and pricing will begin at €45,900 (roughly $61,600).

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