Brabus Kit For Mercedes EQS Gives It More Style And Performance

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That appealing body kit is equal parts form and function.

Brabus has always been the authority on Mercedes-Benz tuning. For years, the company has specialized in transforming sober-suited sedans into road-going rockets with a generous helping of luxury. The latest Benz to receive the treatment is the EQS Sedan. As an all-electric sedan, Brabus couldn't just throw a couple of turbochargers into the mix and call it a day.

Instead, the German tuner has improved the luxury car in a rather practical way. Aside from enhancing the controversial styling of the EQS, wind tunnel testing found the carbon fiber body kit reduces drag by up to 7.2%. What does this mean? For one thing, it improves driving range which means the Brabus EQS should, theoretically, be able to travel further than the stock EV on a single charge.

Brabus Brabus Brabus Brabus

A new front spoiler lends the luxury sedan a menacing look and adds some shape to the otherwise bland exterior. Look closely and you'll note the carbon fiber lip, which, says Brabus, reduces drag and minimizes front-end lift. The side air intakes have also been designed to be functional and stylish; they direct air to the front brakes and radiator.

Around the back, the diffuser and spoiler aren't just for show. They work to reduce aerodynamic lift by up to 40%, giving the EQS an even more stable ride. Elsewhere, airflow has been improved by fitting subtle air deflectors in front of the rear wheel arches.

Even the wheels have been specially designed for the EQS in several designs ranging between 20- and 22-inches. Seen here are the Monoblock Z ten-spoke items and Monoblock M wheels, the latter of which not only look great but are "aerodynamically favorable."

Brabus Brabus Brabus Brabus

Lastly, Brabus is able to lower the EQS by 0.6 inches up front and 0.8 at the rear, giving the electric sedan a sinister look and further reducing the drag coefficient.

Brabus claims a 7% improvement in the total range, but doesn't provide figures as they vary from country to country. But let's use the EQS 450+ as an example. With an EPA-estimated range of 350 miles, these improvements should bump the range up to 374.5 miles. However, we should state that Brabus most likely used WLTP figures to reach its verdict.

Brabus hasn't improved the performance of the EQS, but it's already a fast sedan. The 580 trim is rapid enough, but should it not meet your needs, the $147,500 EQS AMG should satisfy your performance cravings. Thanks to 751 horsepower and 752 lb-ft of torque, it's capable of hitting 60 mph in a blistering 3.4 seconds.

Brabus Brabus Brabus

The tuner has said it will offer customers the opportunity to enhance the already plush exterior with backlit scuff plates, aluminum or carbon fiber pedals, plush carpeting, or, if your pockets are very deep, the company will retrim the entire cabin in Brabus fine leather.

While Brabus is commonly associated with incredibly powerful V12 and V8-powered Mercedes-Benzes, this isn't the first time it has endeavored to improve electric vehicles. Recently, it unveiled the enhanced Porsche Taycan and has previously turned its hand to the Mercedes EQC, an electric SUV that won't be coming to the US.

So, what's the cost? Expect to pay anywhere up to €173,900 (approx. $180,000) if you want your EQS to stand out from the crowd.

Brabus Brabus Brabus Brabus Brabus Brabus

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