Brabus Mercedes-Benz GL

Brabus misses with their take on the Mercedes-Benz GL.

The Mercedes-Benz Wide Star GL is a pretty standard SUV. The ride is nothing special in terms of performance or looks, just a regular good looking Mercedes SUV. The ordinary SUV was taken by Brabus and now the Benz has absolutely no sense of its former self. The German tuners took one of these models based on the GL 450 CDI. They increased the power with the Brabus PowerXtra D8 tuning kit, boosting the car with over 44hp and 74lb-ft of torque.

350hp and 590lb-ft of torque give the V8 some serious power under the hood and a top speed of 150mph. This is usually the section of the article where we would describe the interior and exterior modifications to the Brabus-Benz GL. Well, outside of the Monoblock E Platinum Edition wheels the rest is a bit tricky. You could say it is a Moulon Rouge tribute but that would be an insult to Moulon Rouge. A failed pinstripe center console and argyle-wannabe seat coverings give off the type of impression you don't want to give off. No pricing information has been released as of yet though it will be available through Brabus.

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