Brabus Starts GLA Attack with New Wheel Launch

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But we're still waiting for the full treatment.

The Mercedes-Benz GLA was launched at last year's Frankfurt Motor Show and is just beginning its market launch in Europe, with US sales expected later this year. With an optional AMG bodykit and sports package, it is a pretty good looking compact crossover, looking like a jacked-up, stretched-out Mercedes A Class hatchback. But Mercedes tuner Brabus loves taking the company's cars and making them even more awesome than they come as stock.

Here, the GLA is given a preliminary Brabus treatment with new wheels, a lowered suspension, and lower, sportier springs that bring the car closer to the ground. The wheels are Monoblock F cross spokes in "Liquid Titanium", with 255/40 tires. A good start, but now the car is really ready for some Brabus style.

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