Brabus-Tuned Smart Car Could Actually Turn Out To Be Pretty Damn Sweet

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With the right tuning this could pack quite a punch.

You could go out and buy a Smart car. Or, you could buy a Smart car with some attitude. Yes, such a thing does exist and it's called the Smart Brabus. The German tuning firm has essentially turned the Smart car into something interesting. The previous generation Smart ForTwo coupe was given the Brabus treatment and now it's the second generation car's turn. Our spy photographers recently snapped images of the new Smart Brabus undergoing final testing in Sweden.

Previous spy shots and details indicated that power will likely come from either a 0.9-liter turbo three-cylinder or a 1.2-liter engine courtesy of Renault. Output should be somewhere between 120 and 130 horsepower. We can also make out a few exterior aero enhancements but we don't think those roof-mounted search lights will be an option. The new Smart Brabus should be making its official premiere next month at Geneva.

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