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Brabus Turns The New Mercedes G500 Into A 500-HP Monster SUV

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Now just imagine what the tuner can do with the new G63.

The all-new Mercedes G-class finally made its debut earlier this year, so it was only a matter of time before renowned German tuner Brabus enhanced the iconic off-roader to make it more brutal. The company's new tuning package adds an extra 78 hp and 74 lb-ft of torque, cranking the total output up to a hefty 500 hp at 5,600 rpm and a monumental 524 lb-ft of torque between 2,250 and 4,250 rpm.

This power boost enables the SUV to accelerate from 0-62 mph in just 5.7 seconds before reaching an electronically limited top speed of 130 mph. All that power is sent through the G500's nine-speed automatic transmission, or the gears can be manually operated using Brabus' aluminum paddle shifters on the steering wheel.

As well as modifying the powertrain, the Brabus-tuned Mercedes G500 comes with a host of visual enhancements. Customers can choose from a large selection of Monoblock alloy wheels designed specifically for the new G-Class ranging from 20 to 23 inches. The largest wheels are wrapped in 305/35 R23 tires. Adding to the SUV's striking appearance is a new carbon fiber hood with a carbon scoop, a custom grille, roof-mounted LED lights, and an integral spoiler that reduces front-axle lift at high speeds while improving the handling stability.

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For an additional cost, customers can also add a stainless sport exhaust system with actively controlled flaps and two chrome tailpipes exiting on each side designed specifically for the new Mercedes G 500. The exhaust note can be actively controlled by selecting either a restrained "coming home" mode or an ear-splitting sport mode that unleashes the G500's powerful V8 t its full potential.

As with other Brabus models, the interior can be fully customized with fine leather and Alcantara materials, offering endless possibility in color variety and design. A huge variety of wood components and carbon fiber elements are also available. Let's hope it doesn't take long for Brabus to bump up the new G63's power.