Brabus Upgrades Mercedes SL550

Added power and new style come together on Brabus’ latest aftermarket program.

Brabus is known for tuning Mercedes-Benz automobiles, and has this time turned its attention to the Silver Star automaker's latest SL-Class roadster. Depending on the engine specified, a power upgrade isn't necessarily something the new SL needs, but for those looking for a little something extra, the modifications from Brabus will come as a welcome sight. The German tuner has started with the SL550 and its 4.7-liter twin-turbo V8.

Good for 435 hp stock, Brabus has remapped the ECU and added intercoolers, stainless quad-pipe exhaust and tweaked injection and ignition. The result is an extra 85 horsepower for a total of 520, backed up by 604 lb-ft of torque for a 0-62mph sprint of just 4.4 seconds with a top speed that can be de-restrictred from 155 mph to as much as 186 at the owner's request. To emphasize the extra muscle, Brabus has added a full aero kit, enhanced by monoblock wheels from 18 to 20 inches in diameter. The interior has been upgraded with acres of Alcantara, leather, wood and carbon fiber.

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